Ammonia oxidition improved 70% with Alken Clear-Flo 7110 nitrifiers

Ammonia Oxidation Improved Over 70% at Sewage Treatment Plant

Graphs demonstrating the effectiveness of Alken Clear-Flo 7110, nitrifiers, for the control of ammonia in waste treatment plants

The site: Remington Sewage Treatment Plant in Remington, Virginia. Two plants are in operation, a 750,000 gallons per day oxidation ditch and a 320,000 gallon per day extended aeration lagoon.
Purpose of the Study: Evaluation of the ability of Alken Clear-Flo 7110, nitrifying formula containing Nitrosomonas europaea and Nitrobacter winogradsky, to decrease and stabilize the ammonia levels in a waste treatment facility.
Procedure: To fairly evaluate the results of treatment, a baseline record was obtained with daily measurements for 90 days prior to treatment with Alken Clear-Flo 7110 and was continued during the treatment from February 7, 1991 through April 30, 1991. Application of the product and all testing was performed by personnel of the Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority, using their own laboratory procedures.
Dosage: Alken Clear-Flo 7110 was applied by metering pump at a dosage rate of 4 mg/L from February 7th through February 21st, at which time dosage was reduced to 2.5 mg/L and this dosage was maintained until the end of the trial on April 30th.
Comments from Plant Management: "You can see from the graph I prepared for you, that we built up a population of nitrifiers in about a week which would normally require a minimum of sixty days. I think this product is perfect for new plants which are out of compliance, and situations such as occured during the field trial." says Mr. Barney Durrett, Operations and Equipment Manager for the Remington Sewage Treatment Plant.
"We are a rural wastewater treatment facility" continued Mr. Durrett. " Although we accept sewage for treatment from septic haulers, some haulers try to avoid the fees by illegally dumping their sewage into an out-of-the-way manhole, at night. When this occurs, we suddenly have an unscheduled load of sewage entering our facility. As you can see from the graph, this occurred a few days after we began using your product in our plant. Reduction of ammonia was improved by at least 70%. Without the additional nitrifiers introduced with Alken Clear-Flo 7110, it would have taken us weeks to reduce our ammonia levels. Under current regulations, we can normally meet our requirements. However, we believe the regulations for reduction of nitrites and nitrates will soon be much more difficult to achieve without the use of bio-enzyme products. Operators having difficulty meeting EPA requirements should try Alken Clear-Flo 7110."

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