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 Vol. 4: Issue No. 2

  February 2000



Gregorio Licaros, Jr. - Fuel Treatment Distributor Died

After fighting diabetes and heart disease for a long time, Mr. Licaros succumbed to pneumonia in the last week of January, in the Philippines. Mr. Licaros, through his company, Universal Addi-Chem, had represented Alken Even-Flo fuel treatments in the Philippines and other countries since 1988, and will be sorely missed. We send condolences to his family and friends.

On-Site Search Engine Error

Anyone who was trying to access our site SEARCH engine, in the evening of January 17th to noon January 18th, may have noticed that it suddenly indexed only the home page. It took 8 hours to correct the problem, but the search now goes in-depth around the entire site, all 400 public-access pages.

January Website Overhaul

We have redesigned the front page of website. Do you like it? We hope it will make it easier for you to find the links you want. We placed the search in the center of the bottom of the page, for easy access. Please tell us how you feel about our website or any changes/additions you would like to see. This site is designed for our clients and distributors, so it is YOUR opinion that drives us forward. You can e-mail us.

Four More Website Awards Won in January!!

We appreciate the Emerald Jewel of the Web award - a Level 4 award, Site of the Day"for January 30th from JPS-Website, a level 4 award, the Silver Award from 3Moons, a level 4.5 award, and the Bronze award from the Neilson Web Sites and Business Graphics. Visit our website awards.

10% Discount for Finding the Misplaced Pink Elephant

We are STILL willing to offer a 10% discount, or a 4 oz. sample of any product you desire, if you can locate our lost pink elephant, and e-mail us from the page where she is located.

New Automated Forms Online NOW

Cooling Tower diagnostic survey and Distributor application are now posted at our website.

Other Website Updates

Ken has reviewed and updated the polymer articles. Please particularly note the corrections to dilution charts and bench test procedures.

Apology for Delayed Iomega® Zip Disks

So many articles, product bulletins, etc. have been updated on the website, that much of our printed material is out-of-date. If you have not ordered the new Zip disks, please check the website for the latest versions of all tutorials. Ken is working on catching up, but the urgent requests for bench test samples and foreign shipments (Ken oversees all foreign freight and customs documents) has slowed his progress.

Ken is also creating entirely new programming for the disk since both Version B of Windows 95 and Windows 98 have a conflict with the earlier programming. Please feel free to inquire on the state of availability of these disks. Ken discovered this problem when one distributor complained and when we upgraded our machines for Y2K. Windows will not allow the DOS Paradox program to run from the Zip Disk, so you must have at least 100 megabytes of available hard disk for the new data to transfer to your hard drive. The new disk will perform as an installation disk, placing both the files and the programming on your hard drive.

Alken 874 Surface Cleaner/Degreaser

Alken 874 Surface Cleaner/Degreaser product bulletin revised and MSDS posted. Since this product is not as sensitive to freezing as the Alken Citrus Degreaser 872, you may wish to order it in the winter and resume with the Citrus Degreaser 872 in the spring.


Alken Clear-Flo® Technical Updates

Alken Clear-Flo® 1007 - New Alias for CF 7000

Under its new name, Alken Clear-Flo® 1007, containing many of the strains in CF 1200 (excluding nitrifiers) can be used to seed the biofilter of any aquatic system (from aquarium to pond) that does not have a severe ammonia problem.

Alken Enz-Odor® 12 Product Bulletin and Material Safety Data Sheet Online

Find the product information bulletin and the MSDS. This is our landfill remediation formula, with the highest count available in a landfill liquid formula.

New Product - Alken Bio-Nutrient 8

So many of our aquaculture and pond clients expressed difficulty locating Roti-Rich micro-nutrient formula to enhance the seeding of biofilters and aquariums, that we decided to offer our own formula, Alken Bio-Nutrient 8. This dry formula, and our liquid Bio-Nutrient 9, are the only formulas we recommend for aquatic applications. Product bulletins are posted on our website.

California Lake Case Study

Belvedere Lake Case Study from distributor, AquaBio Environmental Technologies is now posted. This small lake was one of our most challenging projects, with its combination of unusual circumstances. Read how we conquered it.

Nutrient Formulas Index Added to Website

If you need assistance deciding which of our nine nutrient formulas will compliment your application, please see our new Index of Nutrient Products.

New Definition in Petroleum Industry Glossary: Desalter

The desalter mixes the hydrocarbon stream with a small amount of fresh water (e.g. 10% by volume) forming a water-in-oil emulsion. The resulting emulsion is subjected to an electric field wherein the water is coalesced as an under flow from the upper flow of a relatively water-free, continuous hydrocarbon phase. The desalted hydrocarbon stream is produced at relatively low cost and has a very small residual salt content. The performance of this unit can be improved with a demulsifier, such as Alken 860 Demulsifier.

Water Technology Magazine Reports Few Pesticides, but High Nitrates in Farm Water

The January 26th issue reports on the results of water system inspections in 1999 in Olympia, WA., which revealed that pesticide contamination, exceeding Federal standards was limited, while nitrates appears to be a greater problem than was expected. See full article at http://www.waternet.com. Click on "News Flash".

Phycotoxin E-Newsgroup Reports Salmon Farming Controversy in Scotland

According to a report in the Phycotoxin E-Newsgroup, an article in the February 6, 2000 Sunday Herald reports that shellfish poisonings may be caused by undigested salmon excrement and chemicals used in salmon fish farming operations in Scotland. The report says that Allan Berry, a marine toxinologist and former shellfish farmer argued that the evidence is so overwhelming that the fish farms should be shut down. He is quoted as saying "Discharging large volumes of untreated slurry from sea-cage fish farms into sheltered coastal waters is probably the best way, outside of the laboratory, to promote the growth of harmful algae and the production of toxins." The particular toxin discussed is paralytic shellfish poisoning. A scientist in France, Genevieve Arzul, from a French marine laboratory in Plouzane, reported a direct causality between ammonia waste from salmon and other fish and an increase in the growth of the toxin Alexandrium minutum. The report further implicates two pesticides used to combat sea lice, for increasing the abundance of this toxin.

What Alken-Murray does not understand is why they would rather ban the farming of salmon than enforce waste water treatment with a product like ALKEN CLEAR-FLO 1200, which can eliminate excess ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate and will degrade both the fish waste and the excess fish feed in the water, so that these toxins would be lessened and the fish would be healthier and less reliant on antibiotic applications. In addition to saving money, by raising healthier, larger fish with less medication, they would also be contributing to a healthy environment in the receiving waters. Naturally, we wrote to the list to suggest that treatments are available from Alken-Murray and competitors. Of course, if you have followed our competitor comparisons, and reviewed the scientific studies and case studies of our products, you will know who offers the BEST products for aquatic restoration.


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